Agriculture Sector

3D, GIS, Contours, DEM & Surveys

TRITHI provides land parcel surveys using drones to achieve greater accuracy & multiple data output formats. Which helps to prepare land best way possible.

Crop Health Monitoring – Multi-Spectral

5 band {RGB-Red edge + Near Infrared} sensor drone can provide 30+ types of crop distress conditions which can help to reduce crop loss.

Precise Crop Spray By Drones 

TRITHI provides On-Demand crop care spray for affordable service cost at farm gate. It reduces upto 90% of water & 60%+ chemical usage.

Ultra Low Volume Crop Spray Research & Analysis

Teams are provided with all required equipment for research & development related assignments to test efficacy & result trials for extensive period of time from 3 month to 1.5 years.

Industrial Sector

Thermal Inspection of Facility

Infrastructure – Facility inspection with specialised sensor will provide sophisticated information.

Inspection & Reporting – Infrastructure

From Road construction update to railway line surveys & maps, TRITHI use some of the best methods to post process the images for accurate damage reports.

Rail Track Data for Indian Railways 

Over 800 KM of ortho map created for Railways with Elevation & Spot inspection, continue to help them manage the track better.

Armed Forces / Govt. Agencies / Disaster Response

Teams are provided for saving lives & valuables, continue to assist search & rescue missions across the country.


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